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Basement Wall Bracing

Do you have cracked walls?

We offer engineered steel wall bracing for poured concrete walls. This process includes the repair of basement wall cracks, as well as the installation of steel channels to support your foundation walls and prevent future inward movement.


Water Proofing

Is your basement leaking? Is your basement a damp unusable space?

One of our most popular services in Regina is basement water proofing. We use the best quality materials, in proven, engineer designed water management system that is guaranteed to eliminate seepage and unwanted water buildup around your foundation.

Often this work requires additional removal and replacement of other structures; these are services that we are happy to provide for our customers, in order to promote the flow of work completion.


Interior Weeping Tile Installation

Is your floor heaving or damp?

We install interior weeping tile as a moisture control system, proven to keep your basement floor dry, and prevent heaving and ground water build up. Request an estimate and fined out how our interior weeping tile systems can turn a damp basement back into a dry usable space.


Concrete Floor Replacement

Many basement floors in Regina are cracked and are leaking as a result of the clay soil conditions. To replace a concrete floor slab, we will break up and remove the existing floor and excess soil, then prepare and pour a new concrete slab from start to finish. We also offer in floor heating systems to bring that next level of comfort into your basement. A great solution for cracked, heaved, and leaky floors.


Sump Pump and Pit Installation

Our engineered moisture control system is considered one of the best ways to deal with ground water build up. We only use pro-series submersible pumps and rugged polyurethane liners proven to stand up in various soil conditions. Sump pumps can be very beneficial remedy for moisture build up issues.





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